11/24 July, memory of st. Olga of Kiev

To His Eminence Epifanij of Kiev and all Ukraine,

Dear vladyka, this year marks 1052 years since our loved saint Olga, Queen of Kiev, reposed into the Lord. Especially for her efforts in building Christianity in your lands, we commemorate her as Equal-to-Apostles and we honour her and her son Vladimir the Great because of their love for their fatherland, the Church of Christ and their people. We all known how ancient Rus was when st. Olga started her mission to convert the country to the true God and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Her piety and her love for the People are well known: she has been able to transform a pagan land into the jewel of Orthodoxy, and Ukraine’s sons have enlighted the entire Church with their holyness. Our metropolia in Italy, devout daughter of the Ukrainian Church, feels this boundary trough the saints we magnify, saints from the holy Rus of Ukraine.

We always follow your struggles in order to edify a unite, prosperous and holy community in Ukraine, and we believe our merciful Lord will reward your diligence you have for your nation and your Church.

May saint Olga, whom memory we glorify, protect and intercede for you and all ukrainian people during this troublesome age we are facing.

In Christ + Avondios,

Orthodox Archbishop of Milano,

Luogotenente del Trono Metropolitano di Aquileia

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